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KimNoetic is a Swedish fine art portrait photographer and film producer based in Stockholm. Primarily working full time as a producer he puts all his free time in holding the camera and editing the photos.

His portrait photography captures the essence of each individual subject and creates expressive photographs that convey a unique story, with a distinctive style that mixes somber and dramatic lighting with vivid colors and textures.

As a detail-oriented person, he places great emphasis on capturing the right atmosphere and feel to create meaningful and personal visual portraits. KimNoetics's work is blended with a sense of creative flare and personal touch, drawing influence from artists such as Jake Wangner, Carter Baran, and Aaron Paredes.

If you want to collab and create interesting and authentic art and visuals, or just wanna chat, get in touch.



A Untold Tale, up on your wall.

Support the journey.

Explore the shop and support KimNoetic by purchasing a museum-quality poster for your wall. It's not just a contribution to his artistic path, but also a beautiful addition to your space. Each piece is a untold tale, a conversation starter, and a token of his appreciation for your support.

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